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FFC Gas Application

Service Address Account Name Account Number Utility Rate Class

Buyer agrees to purchase from the Seller all of the natural gas requirements for the accounts listed above. Seller will deliver a quantity that is necessary to meet Buyer’s City Gate Requirements based on the consumption information that Seller receives from Buyer’s local Distribution Company (LDC).

The City Gate is defined as the boundary of the LDC’s territory. The delivery point will be the City Gate station (s) of Buyer’s LDC(s). The sales point (where you receive title) will be a point outside of New York State.

Seller will aggregate Buyer’s natural gas supply requirements with Seller’s natural gas supply portfolio. Buyer agrees to designate Seller to act as Buyer’s agent in administrating contracts with the LDC and to arrange for the transportation of Buyer’s gas from the sales point to the delivery point.

Initiation of the service under this agreement is contingent upon satisfactory credit review. Seller reserves the right to decline to execute this agreement in the event of an unsatisfactory credit report.

By signing below, Buyer agrees to the terms of this agreement and authorizes seller to obtain credit references including credit reference reports.

Buyers Name: