Ferrantino Ferrantino FFC Energy

Ferrantino Fuel Corporation was established by Angelo Ferrantino, who came to the United States in 1901. He began Ferrantino Ice and Coal Company in 1911, only six years before his daughter Grace was born, in 1917. From 1934 to 1941, Grace operated the entire business, deciding to move in the direction of oil and heating in 1935, when the company became the Ferrantino Fuel Corporation. Grace soon married Dominick Serini, and the two worked as a team, continuing to build and improve the business. Their eldest daughter, Lucretia, then married Rodger Loughlin Sr. in 1964. Rodger and his two sons, Mark and Rodger Jr., now own and operate the company with the dedication and drive to continue providing excellent services to both new and loyal customers.

Today, Ferrantino Fuel Corporation provides the highest quality of oil to management agencies, commercial and industrial facilities, and co-op and private owners. Our professional and knowledgeable sales department is dedicated to all clients, will to do all they can to make sure deliveries are prompt throughout the entire metropolitan area. When Ferrantino Fuel Corporation takes over your oil deliveries, you will be saving money by the gallon and getting the most reliable services available in New York City.

Call Ferrantino Fuel Corporation today, and find out why we have been “New York’s Standard for Over 80 years.”